Most airports are set up just as the rest. There are a few solid formulas when it comes to executing the most efficient and safe places for taking off and landing. The science of bringing flawlessly executed and well-calculated runways and landing strips is pretty well practiced by now and for the most part, the major destinations have got it all figured out. However, it isn’t always so simple to design and construct airports while peacefully coexisting with mother nature.

Sometimes the landscape, laws or a general lack of space, can lead to quite the perplexing problem when it comes time to figure out the means of getting in and out of a particular destination, that is not necessarily set up for high-flying success.

Ya Know,The Runway May Be A Little On The Short Side

(That’s what she said)

Or The ‘Landing Pad’ Might Be Nonexistent

Talk about a cliff-hanger, it’s not uncommon in rural, mountainous areas to improvise landing on the literal edge…

YIKES! A cliff landing seems mad sketch, but they are pros. I guess…

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