Chances are if you’re reading this you have been around long enough to survive quite a few “Apocalypses” by now. The “End Of The World” (as we know it) has certainly come and gone time and time again, and yet still here you are reading this…waiting to learn about the next predicted date where we will we all certainly meet our fate.

*Cue thrilling and intense orchestral music *

You might like to take a seat because this unsettling news is, well it’s just that-unsettling. It seems as though we only have a few weeks left.

*Cue super-intense orchestral music -directed by a man with extra-frazzled white and grey hair and a wrinkled, ill-fitting suit for effect*

I bet by now you’re wondering how it will happen. What time of day? Why now? Will there be fire and flames? Will there be tsunamis or heat  waves? Will there be aliens? Wait, will there be aliens, seriously?

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