Anyone who had a pet from an early age or have small children and a family pet now know the bond between a child and an animal is nearly unbreakable.

Whether it is a cat who can’t be bothered by anyone except the teenager that he was raised with or the dog that was a puppy when her favorite human was just a toddler, the pet and their small human will be buddies for life.



The bond isn’t limited to house pets either.


Long before Bindi Irwin won Dancing with the Stars in 2015, she was a spunky little girl with a great big smile and even bigger heart for wildlife in her native Australia.


She regularly appeared on screen with her parents in different variations of Animal Planet’s The Crocodile Hunter.


From very early on, Bindi had a closeness with the wild animals she was raised around.



The young lady in this video has a story similar to Bindi’s.


Like Bindi, her father was a naturalist who studied gorillas in the wild. She was born and raised around the king of the apes and forged a very close bond with one of the troops.


When she returned with her father, the reunion is nothing short of amazing.

Watch It Below:

Source: She Was Raised With Gorillas, 12 Years Later Something Incredible Happened by internetroi on Rumble

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