International airlines always seem to have the drop when it comes to affording luxury 30,000 feet in the air to their passengers – as long as their passengers can afford it.


It seems every year Emirates Airlines is constantly adding something absolutely fabulous to their fleet – like when Emirates unveiled their new first-class private suites.


Emirates Airlines First Class Suite:


Or when Etihad added a private apartment suite in their planes.


It’s not necessarily needed for long, overnight flights, but it sure doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to avoid jetlag.

Etihad’s First Apartment Suite:


Both airlines are known for their luxurious sky-high rides, with a hefty price tag to go along with them.


Qatar Airways is another high-class airline who takes immense pride in their awe-inspiring offerings, which also don’t come cheap.


In fact, Qatar Airways can even claim a couple of awards as well as something no one else can offer.



Did you catch what is setting QA apart from its competition?


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