What was your first pet? Probably a small caged animal like a hamster or a gerbil? Perhaps you had a goldfish that needed up living wayyy longer than your parents ever could have guessed considering that you won the little sea creature at the fair from that classic balloon-pop-dart game.

If you were lucky, you might have had  a family dog or a cat  but chances are you didn’t have say, a lion cub…or an albino (leucistic) alligator named Alice or anything out of the ordinary like that.

While a puppy may have been a run of the mill, average American home pet there really are some folks out there that grow up a little less “regular”” than the rest. With everything from chimpanzees to  pythons and ultra rare dog breeds, no animal is too peculiar a pet to those who live the life of luxury.

Want proof? Just check out the following pets -prized as the most expensive in all the land.


Native to the Caribbean, bringing home one of these colorful birds will cost you $6,000.




The countdown continues…