When Steven Burton set out to complete his latest project he knew it would not only serve as a valuable lesson in the power of perception but also open the eyes and minds of ex-gang members looking for another way.

Steven teamed up with a program called Homeboy Industries. The goal of this organization is to lend aid to former gang members and help to set them up for success. One of the many things going against many ex-gang members when they try to assimilate into a society outside of what they have always known, is their appearance.

One can imagine it might be difficult to seek employment with a face covered in tattoos. In 2016 we all know better than to judge a book by his or her cover but the truth is, sometimes their tough exterior can be intimidating.

With the reimagination of what a clean canvas would look like for a few reformed gang members, these men and women can see the benefits of tattoo removal offered by Homeboy Industries.

Check out these Steven’s before and after photos below!

Ex- Gang Member, Samuel Gonzalez Is Covered In Ink


Steven Used Photoshop To Give Him A Clean Slate2

Calvin’s Full Face Of Ink Can Be Quite Intimidating


Without Those Face Tats, This Man Is Hardly Recognizable!4


Dennis Zamaran Has No Shortage Of Visible Offensive Ink5

This Is Him Without All Of The Ink

What If They Never Got The Ink? Scroll On See More Of Burton’s Ink-Free Images…