He’s gone from rap superstar to the nation’s Tokemaster General. From his preference for pot to his laid back slangy speaking style (remember to add the “izzle” to everything), few find fault in his stoner status. He’s buddied up with everyone, from Dr. Dre to Martha Stewart and in each instance, his smoky star continues to shine.

He’s Smooth


He’s even become part of late night television, using Jimmy Kimmel’s chat show as an outlet for his comical commentary on the natural world around us. Called “Plizzanet Earth,’” it’s a segment which features Snoop Dog (because that’s who we’ve been talking about…duh!) narrating the typical action within the animal kingdom.

He’s Cool


In this instance, it’s an all reptile edition, with a group of snakes taking on an iguana in a battle for scale-based dominance. It’s the standard clip showing the battle for supremacy between the species. Thanks to Snoop, it’s also a hilarious introduction into the whole serpent eat iguana world. Snoop’s narration is on fire here. He calls out the snakes, referring to them as “assholes.” He then watches and worries as the little lizard is surrounded.

And He’s Always On Fire


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