If you have a bucket list, then there’s a pretty good chance one of the items on it involves jumping off of something really high. Whether it be a plane or the top of a bridge, there’s a rush associated with bungee jumping and skydiving that people just can’t get enough of.

Wouldn’t Be Me…

Well just when you thought skydiving couldn’t possibly get any cooler (aka scarier), here comes technology with a way to change the game.

Gotta Love Technology

Thanks to this new advance, it looks like plans may become a thing of the past when it comes to skydiving. I mean, why would anyone want to jump from a plane when they can jump from a giant drone instead?

Good Question, Right?

Well, know, skydiving from a drone is officially possible thanks to a Latvian company called Aerones. And no I’m not talking about the little drones that everyone has been flying around lately – these things are big and bad.

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