Lately, all that seems to be “trending” on the World Wide Web is either disheartening, devastating or downright dumb. There isn’t a whole lot of incentive to log on to this or that social media site these days.

Unfortunately, these mediums made to give folks an outlet, a way to promote, and a place to keep in touch or network with others- is oftentimes laden with negativity and bait of one form or another. Seriously,  scrolling the the feed can cause tears, anxiety or annoyance at any given point.

Well, fear not this time. Not today. This post is all about letting go of the bs. It’s all about taking a moment to appreciate the natural beauty of life. Not just physical beauty but the real stuff- the stuff that just so happens to be and yet- so naturally is.

Eh, it’s hard to explain. Just look for yourself. You will see. The following photographs emphasize how sometimes, in the moment everything is JUST RIGHT.

“Owl” See Ya Later

It’s as if time stopped for a millisecond just to snap this.

Cheesin’ With His Friends

He is just loving it.

Pretty Is Hardly Giving This Peacock Credit

Simply stunning!

Laid Back-With My Mind Leaf & My Leaf On My Mind

Does this guy give you Snoop vibes or nah?

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