It’s one of the most magical times of the year. The days get longer, the heat of the sun giving way to a coolness at night that makes the season tolerable. The beach. The pool. The ice cream truck cruising through the neighborhood. Those lazy hours spent finding your happy place, storing away the feelings for the quickly coming Fall. And if you’re lucky enough to live where they frequent, the fireflies. Those amazing little light-bulbs that flutter and float around those magical twilights of your memories.

The insects, blessed with the biological ability to generate illumination internally, turn the typical mid-July doldrums by turning the night into a natural spectacle, like thousands of movable Christmas lights keeping the heat and humidity in check. Over in Japan, they have some of the most amazing firefly “displays” and many artists and photographers frequent the forests looking for selective images to spark the imagination. You can see them below. They will make you long for those days of lemonade, picnics, and fireworks. In fact, they’re like nature’s own sparklers. Enjoy.

Wonders In The Woods


Like Millions Of Little Stars


Buzzing In The Bamboo


Like Trails Of Ephemeral Light


Little Green Jewels


Twilight Treasures


What A Pretty Pathway


Before The Sun Goes Down


Orange Is The New Treat


All Images Sourced From HERE

And Here Are Some More Fireflies Making Magic

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