Redheads are among the rarest creatures in the world. Typically making up only one to two percent of the population, their radiant beauty is unforgettable. Whether it’s copper, auburn or flaming orange, the many hues of a redhead’s hair are enchanting.

American photographer Brian Dowling decided to explore the international beauty of redheads by traveling to over 20 countries to photograph more than 130 women with the luminous rare hair color. The results are simply stunning and went on to inspire Dowling’s book Redhead Beauty, available on Kickstarter.

Take a look at some of the women he documented from around the world below and marvel at their equisite beauty.

1. Alina – Kiev, Ukraine


2. Madeline – Washington, USA


3. Kirstie – Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe


4. Carmen – Best, Netherlands


5. Krissy – Stuttgart, Germany