Every human being believes that having a baby is easy. You find a part, you procreate, and nine months later, you’re rewarded with a new life (or two…or three…or more) to raise and instruct. It’s the whole family dynamic that society sees as part of the process of maturation. Yes, some people opt out of the whole child rearing thing, and there are many who should have made such a decision.

All They Wanted Was To Be Parents


But for the rest, it’s try and try again. For most, pregnancy just “happens.” Sure, you can plan and plot and check the calendar for premium ovulation and conception dates, but biology takes over and – on occasion – trips you up. But there are those couples for whom the whole issue of having a baby is a struggle. No matter how hard they try, no matter how badly they want it, they cannot conceive.

Modern Medicine Answered Their Prayers


For them, there’s modern medicine and the myriad ways it can help. From fertility drugs to surgical intervention, some folks have to fight just to hope they can have a child. This was the case for Ajibola Taiwo and her husband Adeboye. Originally from Nigeria, they had been trying to get pregnant for over 17 years. Nothing they did worked.

Six Times Over


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