Celebrities often get a bad reputation, whether it’s deserved or not. They’re often looked at as spoiled, entitled, ego-maniacs who are out of touch with reality.


Fans don’t always look at A-Listers as human beings and sometimes the lives that celebs lead makes us feel as if they’re not.


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They make huge amounts of money, have their face plastered all over billboards, magazines, or sports apparel ads, are insanely good at their chosen field, have stunning significant others and even more gorgeous kids, take vacations to private islands, have big houses and drive fast cars.


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We sometimes fantasize about the lifestyle of a celebrity and what it would be like to have it, but do you really want all of the negativity, media frenzy, and lack of privacy that comes with it?


It’s definitely a trade-off, and no one is saying that celebs should be pitied, but sometimes we need a reminder that they have beating hearts and breathe oxygen just like us.


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Now, that’s not to say they don’t put themselves out there. Anytime you freely choose to be on a reality show or have your own, there should be a certain level of backlash that is to be expected.


Take Kanye West, for instance.

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