In life, we are always looking for shortcuts. We want answers and guidance and we want it NOW! It’s the kind of need that psychics and mediums prey upon. We all believe there is a key to happiness and all we want it to be pushed in the direction of where we can find it. Thus, an obsession with horoscopes, phrenology, and other antiquated forms of prediction.

Some Believe In This Way Of Seeing Into The Future



Others Use The Tarot



Palm reading, for example. There are people who swear by the practice, while others wonder how line on your hand can mean anything other than where your things naturally crease. Still, like going back and checking the bumps on your head, looking over the area holding your fingers has found some favor. All you have to do is Google the idea and someone will offer up a tutorial on whether or not it works.

And Let’s Not Forget That Trusty Crystal Ball



In this case, a so-called “expert” argues that you can predict success is love and lasting happiness by concentrating on two different areas of the palm. In the place between the thumb and forefinger, as well as the lines below the pinky, are the answers – supposedly. All you have to know is how to read them, and then how to reinterpret that information to fit your paying customer’s needs.

Reading Palms Has Been Around Forever



And, Supposedly, This Is What It Can Show Us



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