It’s one of those artistic skills that defies description, a class of expression that exists outside our normal frame of reference. We marvel at those who excel at it and wonder about those who first recognized such a talent and turned it into a trend. In this case, while many believe it got its beginnings in Japan, but some of the first recorded examples come from China.

An Accurate Ant



An Amazing Rhino



It was the Japanese who perfected the craft, creating the intricate folds and amazing designs that have since come to define origami. For those who enjoy it, either as a hobby or a profession, the payoff is the same. With just a single piece of paper – which is part of the practices magic – you can make animals, vehicles, buildings, and even intricate flowers and other finery.

Lang Is Such A Star



For one man, however, origami is an extension of his education. Robert Lang was a physicist and engineer with NASA, and an avid lover of the paper folding pastime. In his time with the space agency, he was responsible for 46 patents, mostly for optoelectronics. But Lang really wanted to explore the possibilities of merging an ancient art with modern technology. The results are a revelation.

A Pouncing Pussy Cat



A Regal Reindeer



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