They’ve done so much for our country that whenever we hear a bad or sad story about them, our collective consciousness sighs deeply. How could we do this to them? How can we let someone whose given so much for us and our liberty so little. As politics preys on notions of waste and worth, our veterans end up getting the short end of the stick. Their medical care is mediocre, their lives lost in a fog of patriotism and partisanship.

This Was Richard Overton Back During WWII



And This Is Him Today – At 110



A good example is 110-year-old WWII hero Richard Overton. As former President Obama acknowledged, this amazing man was there when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and saw some serious action during his tenure as an Army Sergeant. When he left the service in 1945, he built himself a home in Austin, Texas, and he has lived in this house since then. Over 60 years.

He Built This House Himself Back In 1945



As he’s aged, Overton has faced a few health crises, a few of which have required a caregiver to help out with. Now, with no living relatives left and very little help from the VA, he faces an uncertain future. He wants to stay in his home until he dies, but cannot afford the necessary nursing care. The government would prefer he be placed in a home, but that’s not going to happen, especially not on Overton’s watch.

Hanging With The President And Vice President



Enjoying Some Of The Finer Things In Life



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