We seem them all the time, especially in more industrialized areas. The old abandoned factory, once a bustling hub of work and profit, now nothing more than a hollow shell of forgotten dreams and lost opportunities.

Naturally, as with any ruin (urban, historic, or both), there are ghosts which haunt the location. Ghosts of memories. Ghosts of possibilities. Ghosts of what was and what could be again. Left to rot, we wait for the day when time takes its toll and the entire structure crumbles under its own sagging structures.

Yes, This Used To Be A Cement Factory


Such Structural Beauty


When Ricardo Bofill saw this old, dilapidated cement factory lying right outside Barcelona, Spain, he knew it had potential.

What Amazing Details


The Outside Looks Like A Cathedral


That was back in 1973. Four decades later and the once uninhabitable building is now one of the most remarkable homes you will ever see.

Dubbed La Fabrica and a work of true imagination, Bofill has combined manmade and natural construction techniques to turn the place into a palace.

The Inside Has All Kinds Of Special Amenities

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