There’s a line in the song “My Generation” by The Who which reflects the feelings of most celebrities, if not literally, than surreptitiously or subconsciously. Indeed, when Pete Townsend wrote “I hope I die before I get old,” he wasn’t only referencing the rebellious spirit of youth, but the very real truth that fame is for the young. The older you get, the sooner you leave the cultural conversation. Unless you’re part of some ancient musical myth (read: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones), a middle aged man or woman can’t become a rock star. Sure there are flukes, and the film and TV industries are far more forgiving, but Bono of U2 didn’t become a superstar at age 50. He was fighting for recognition way back at the end of the ’70s, nearly 40 years ago.

In the images below you will see examples of how some of our most noted celebrities and newsmakers have aged over the years. From the earliest days of their wannabe status to the moments that make up their present (or, in the case of those who’ve passed away, their final memory), the change can be radical. It can also be a revelation. Michael Jackson is perhaps the best example of this – a cute African American child who used immense talent (and the money that comes with it) to alter his entire persona. For most others, the differences can be measured out in a simple sentence – the ravages of time. Take a look, and don’t forget to hit the second page and see even more before and after images.

Michael Jackson


Sir Paul McCartney


Steve Jobs


Mick Jagger


Al Pacino


Robert DeNiro


Bill Gates


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