OG Speaks On The Rap Industry & His Future There…


OG’s Latest Album Release Billionaire Dreams Is The Main Event…

Q.Would you say that is the inspiration for your most recent release, Billionaire Dreams?

“First time working with a label that really believed in me. I wanted to tell everyone if you work hard you have anything you want.

Everyone wants to reach a million. I want to aim higher.”


OG expressed that Billionaire Dreams was inspired by artists he came up around. Southern-style trap that speaks of the struggle and the rise from the bottom of the food chain to the top. Billionaire Dreams speaks to the everyone who has ever wanted more. The thing about dreams and goals is that they never cease to exist and it is human nature to always aim higher and reach farther….

Q.What was your favorite track off of the album?

“I Wanna Be Rich” (seems pretty self-explanatory, we listened. It’s fire 🔥

His music has a message that someone scraping to keep the electric on and the family fed or a hustler who gets addicted to the game and stops at nothing to get more money, more cred. It’s relatable and OG takes pride in this truth.

OG has a laid-back attitude and went with the flow as we asked him a few ‘Questions For The Road’ before letting him go.

Q.Who, in your opinion is the ‘God’ of Trap?


That Seems To Be The General Consensus…


Q.How about all of rap?


Q.Gucci Flip Flops or Jordans?


Gucci flip flops because I like slides.

Q.Drink of choice?


Pour It Up!


Q.Favorite Non-hip-hop artist?

“Tink” (Good choice, her cover of ‘One In A Million’ is that fire!)

Q.For your female fans. Single or Taken?


Q.Slim thick, BBW, Ain’t Got No Type?


Love ‘em all! (He finished the hook to the ever-so popular Sremmurd song!)


Q. Ok, last one…What’s the one thing you think the rap  game is missing and do you think you have what it takes to influence the future of hip-hop?

“Yes, I believe I’m gonna be the next real delivery rapper. I’m gonna be more up there like Tupac and Biggie. A preacher preaching to the streets, the struggle. can’t nobody lift you up like music with a message.”

Listen: Billionaire Dreams On SoundCloud


With confidence and the hustle behind him, OG Boo Dirty can go nowhere but up with Konvict Kartel. Listen to his latest album drop on his SoundCloud HERE and stay tuned for more Konvict Kartel news!

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