Part of being a celebrity is the world-traveling, high-octane schedule that most of them find themselves in, probably more than they’d like to admit.


There’s no real “downtime” for a celeb or music mogul, or at least, without everyone else questioning why they haven’t seen them in a grocery store checkout line magazine lately.


As glamorous as many believe a star’s life is, it can also be daunting.


Not everyone has a private jet waiting to whisk them away to Paris for a shopping spree. Sometimes when it’s 4 a.m. and they’re just trying to get through airport security, they don’t really feel like signing autographs or having their photo taken by paparazzi.


Of course, it’s hard for the everyday person to remember this when we see them perfectly made-up – fresh digs, makeup, hair and all – on TV gossip shows or online celeb blogs.


Well, here’s your reminder: Celebrities really are people just like the rest of us.


David Beckham

The former soccer superstar looks much different in his passport photo than he did as the handsome hunk in all of those Emporio Armani and H&M ads!