Don’t let the title alarm you, but there is some truth to this, at least according to a recent study.


You’ve scrolled through your Facebook feed and saw those personality quizzes on your timeline before, right?




You know, the ones that ask, “What Walking Dead character are you?” or “What city should you really live in according to these questions?”


You’ve seen them and probably have taken one or two; let’s be honest: They can be pretty tempting sometimes.




They’re also all nonsense, but we take them because they seem fun.


A study along those lines by NYU staff members suggest the type of music you listen to can determine whether or not you have psychopathic tendencies.




Researchers played 260 songs from all sorts of genres for 200 people to gauge their musical tastes. What makes their findings even more alarming is that a study in the U.K. similar to the one NYU launched found similar results.


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