Pretty soon, the days of celebrities deleting their tweets or un-following other A-Listers on Instagram when a feud breaks out or they break up will be over.


Snapchat is quickly taking over as celebrities’ go-to social media app of choice, but one major superstar can’t quite figure it out.


Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest stars on the planet and uses both IG and the little blue bird frequently.


On both sites, she has a combined 102 million followers, who she reached out to,Β asking for help on how to post her first Snap.


Listen, Snapchat can be confusing at first – you know you couldn’t figure it out! But you didn’t have 102 million people seeing you struggle like this queen did.


She quickly got some answers though, some helpful and some definitely not.



That was one of the more helpful ones.

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