The infamous story of the heartbreaking disaster we all know so well. The “Unsinkable” ship that sank. The journey which was on course to fulfill dreams and open up a world of opportunity for many that was ripped out from underneath 1500 people on that sad day. The RMS Titanic which was headed for New York City from South Hampton reportedly sunk after running into a iceberg which tore the hull of the massive ship on it’s maiden voyage.

This is the story we have heard for years on end. This is the story that Dicaprio and Winslet told but new evidence suggests that everything we ever thought we knew about this ocean liner disaster isn’t as it seems…

On April 10. 1912 2,224 Passengers Boarded The Ship Headed To The City That Never Sleeps!


But Little Did They Know, That This ‘Unsinkable’ Ship’s Maiden Voyage Would Be It’s Last


As The Story Goes, RMS Titanic Was Overcome By An Iceberg


But New Evidence Suggests That Something Fishy Was Up Way Before That FIND OUT NEXT!