Dubai is often regarded as the ultimate luxury destination that only the wealthiest can afford to live or vacation. While some of the most elite in the world call this man-made place home, it’s also a tourism dream come true for those who can afford it.

So if a rich getaway suits your expensive tastes, then these incredible plans for Dubai’s latest and greatest developments will absolutely blow you away!

No expense will be spared in the completed construction of the very first floating, five-star resort, estimated to cost around $2.5 billion AED.

Designed with the “City of Canals” in mind, this floating city is not only a big deal because it’s luxurious and buoyant. But this soon-to-be Dubai destination also replicates the best parts of Venice, Italy – AKA “The Floating City”. If you thought that this Dubai-based “Venice” was just about aesthetics, think again. Boasting more than just beauty, the five-star resort will also be kissed with Italian culture.

Offering traditional Venetian festivals and celebrations such as La Biennale di Venezia and Regata Storica, visitors will feel as though they are really immersed in the culture of Italy. Need to get around?

Guests can only arrive at this resort, which is to be built 4 km out into the water, via helicopter or boat.

Upon arrival, it will be breeze to get around the extravagant hotel and spa by foot, or of course, by gondola.

These aren’t going to be just any gondolas, either. They will be gondolas imported from Italy, duh.  This affluent Dubai destination is brought to you by the Kleindeinst Group.

While it may just be in the planning stages, there is no doubt about attention to detail when it comes to this Italian-inspired vision.

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