The Obama’s left the White House in January to many Americans’ dismay.

Even if people weren’t a fan of President Obama’s politics, there were a lot of citizens who appreciated the way the Obama’s connected with their constituents and took all of the criticism thrown their way in stride.

One of the country’s concerns was that the loving, warm, funny couple that we had gotten to know so candidly for eight years would just slip away into oblivion and we would barely hear from them.

After a month or so of much-deserved downtime, the Obama’s re-emerged and most people breathed a sigh of relief.

There’s That Smile!


One of the first things the public found out about was President Obama’s kite-surfing adventures with Virgin founder and billionaire buddy Richard Branson.

Mr. Obama looked extremely relaxed and really seemed to enjoy himself, which made his supporters smile along with him.

The Selfie That The U.S. Gave A Collective “Awe!” Over


Months later, Mr. Obama was at the Anchorage International Airport waiting for a flight to take him back from a vacation.

An Alaskan woman was at the airport looking for an airline when she ended up spotting a man she believed looked like President Obama in a private flight waiting area.

Turns out, it was the former POTUS and he struck up a conversation with the mother and even asked to hold her six-month-old daughter. She obliged and took a couple selfies with Mr. Obama which quickly went viral.

Mrs. Obama Received A Huge Ovation At The ESPYs

There’s been so many photos and videos of the Obama’s being the genuinely good people that we witnessed them being for his two terms in office that every single person who has taken one will probably cherish the moment for the rest of their lives.

One man, in particular, will really cherish what he has from his citizenship welcome packet.

Faux Pas or oversight? Hmm…flip over to Page 2 to see what has this couple so excited!