Dating has never been easy but in 2017 it might be harder than ever before. Sure, there is no shortage of dating apps or accessibility but in this very plethora of options lies the problem. Not only is the world a candy shop but there are sop many ways to meet, reach and seek others out that the competition is tough.


That being said, one socially anxious college student by the name of Jake, found himself having a tough time. Riddled with a weak heart and an eager soul, Jake realized that he needed some advice on love so he turned to someone whom he knew to be wiser than the rest-his professor.

While some might be surprised that Joe would talk to his teacher and mentor about is love life, the answer which conspired proved to be quite helpful. Not only did Joe l;an the date, but he learned a few things along the way.

So what did this professor say to help his student get the courage to text his crush? You’re gonna love this one.

READ AHEAD to peep game on this wise guy’s stellar advice on love and life…