Most beauty gurus would die to have naturally long lashes. Many women and even men have turned to getting lash extensions in recent years just to achieve a fuller lash line and of course, a more alluring look.

While it’s not odd to hear of lengthening lashes via extensions or even just to sport fake lashes in occasion this woman’s lashes are a little longer than normal.

By a little longer, we really mean a whole lot longer. So long in fact, it’s almost creepy.


She claims that they are au natural but naturally, many folks are skeptical. If they are in fact real, then lets just say, shorty has some explaining to do. You Jianxia lives in Shanghai, and she is now a member of the Guinness Book of World Records for a pretty amazing visual feat.

She Swears They Are 100% Real


You see, You has the world’s longest eyelashes. No, seriously. They measure a staggering 12.4 centimeters, which translates out of metric to nearly five inches. Five. According to the new celebrity, the unusual length can be chalked up to…a special product? Unique diet? A strange poultice made up of magic herbs and incantations? Nope – apparently, You’s fancy eye follicles come from a life “lead one with nature.” Huh?


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