36-year-old Queen of the court, Serena Williams  more than embraced and is loving her latest title “Mommy.” For Serena, this #lifegoals win is really BIG, possibly bigger than any of her accomplishments on the court. In fact, Serena expressed just how passionate she was about becoming a mother and motherhood overall in an interview which ultimately ended up causing quite the commotion.

Really, Serena was just expressing that this new chapter in her life meant something greater for her but as it always goes with the opinions of others and celebrity business, her quote was taken personally and people were oh so totally offended over absolutely nothing.


Well, Since becoming a mother, it’s clear that Serena is enjoying being “a real woman” LOL (Had to, don’t get your boxers in a bunch though, it’s just a bad joke)

The tennis all star has totally embraced “mommyhood.” Like the majority of modern mothers, Serena’s social media has becoming an outlet for “baby spam” and it’s safe to say that no one is complaining.

People just can’t get enough when it comes to celeb kids. They want to know what they look like- Did they get their mother’s eyes or their father’s nose? What are they wearing? You get it. Fans and followers want to KNOW EVERYTHING about that sweet little babycakes!

The Day We Met Alexis

NBD, this photo only has just over a million like.

Since the very first day, the public fell in love and for good reason, I mean-would you just look at that face!?

Ladies is a "push present" a thing? If so what did you get if anything? #conversationstarter

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I don’t know what a “push present” is…but gifts are always great, so I’m gonna go with yes! You earned it, girl!

Oh, here she is with Daddy. Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of the ever-so-popular, Reddit.

We love bath time

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You’re probably thinking that this little lady could not get any cuter-GUESS AGAIN. See the latest image that everyone is ogling over UP NEXT!