It’s an old wives’ tale, and it goes a little something like this – you should never leave a cat alone with an infant. Why, you may ask? Well, according to folklore, our feline friends are actually little devils and they are more than happy to look at your infant, lay near their head, and suck their breath. You heard right. One moment, your baby is fine. The next, Mr. or Miss Tabby is taking the opportunity to draw all the air out of their body. No, seriously.

Now, calmer heads have since prevailed and determined that the myth had a minor basis in reality. Cats like milk…and nine times out of 10, what does a kid’s breath smell like? You got it – sniffing around the mouth lead to the unwarranted reputation of being soul suckers. Want further proof of how nonsensical such a tired old maxim is?

This Cat Loves The Baby



Just check out the video below. In it, a newborn has come home to its new family, and the household mainstay – otherwise known as an adult feline – is feeling maternal. As a matter of fact, the two form the kind of bond that you can see growing more and more meaningful over time. And as for that old wives’ tale? Maybe an absent-minded kitty laid on top of a child’s mouth, causing some concern. But as for sucking the breath. That’s just nonsense.

How Adorable Is This?

How Things Will Probably Be A Few Months Later

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