We like to think of our cities as the center of our civilization. It’s where our governments typically reside, as well as where people come to find work, meet others, and learn the true meaning of words like “urban” and “cosmopolitan.” Granted, over the years, many a metropolis has suffered. The economy, white flight, and of course, the decaying infrastructure makes such sprawling spaces seem less and less inviting. That’s where someone like Douglas Hoekzema comes in.

Creator of something often referenced as kaleidoscopic murals, he uses spray paint, and continuing patterns of circles and rings to create rainbow hued hallucinations guaranteed to have you seeing double…and triple…and more. Active with his muse since his teens, his works have been showing up all over buildings in his home turf of Miami, and they have been mesmerizing citizens and tourists alike. For Douglas, it’s all about relaxing and letting life control time, not the other way around. His works surely indicate that. See for yourself.

Doug In Action


Just One Of His Amazing Works


They Start Small


And End Up Epic


There’s A Real Tranquil Quality To Them


And Definitely Sense Of Movement In Their Design


Doug Adding Some Finishing Touches


And The Final Product


Even Something Simple Like This Is Amazing


So Bright!


So Intricate


So Beautiful


All Images Sourced From HERE

A Time Lapse Demonstration On How These Are Made

And Check Out This Amazing Mural Inspired By The Olympics

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