Remember back in the day when you just couldn’t wait to get to the crib so you could get a glimpse of your favorite artists LIVE on MTV’s “Total Request Live.” Daly always held it down on the mic and the Times Square located set was never lacking excited or surprises.


As for the infamous studio space, MTV president Chris McCarthy had this to say;

“If we’re going to come back and reinvent MTV, the studio is a given,” McCarthy told The New York Times. “It is the centerpiece.”


Whether you were on of the many cult fan followers of this popular show or your’e just getting hip to the scene, this reinvention of MTV’s TRL is worth a view. It’s bringing back a platform, on a topic loved by most-music and it’s giving up and coming generations a place to be heard. Young people thrive off of the chance to vote, the chance to be on the scene LIVE with some the industry’s hottest acts and in New York City of all places, this relaunch really is a great thing!

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