For eight years the world watched as Barack Obama handle the media, criticism, and hate thrown at the President of the United States by his opposition and even citizens with a high-level of class and dignity.


The Obama’s left the White House six months ago yet he’s still showing the same class and dignity we’ve learned to expect from the former POTUS.



One of the finer points of Obama’s presidency was his ability to use a level head when it came to the GOP and never made it personal.


Mr. Obama understands that ruling the greatest country in the world takes work, not just in the Oval Office but in dealing with people who share opposite beliefs from his on a daily basis.



That’s why his tweet to long-time Arizona senator and his 2008 Presidential opponent, John McCain, wasn’t a surprise, but it was definitely a welcomed breath of fresh air.



Senator McCain, who has been serving on Capitol Hill for 30 years, is one of the most respected congressmen by all political parties.


While serving in Vietnam as a Naval officer, McCain became a prisoner of war and was tortured and held captive for seven years.


He had lifelong physical deficiencies stemming from the abuse he took from the Vietcong as a POW, but never let them halt his service to his country.

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