According to her husband, Heidi Hepworth, 44, from East Bolden in the North East of England, met Mamadou Jallow, a Nambian man online. Heidi recently left her three youngest children under the care of her sister before jetsetting off to find her true love.


Heidi said of her affair;

“I’ve met a young gentleman but it’s not an affair. The marriage had problems. We drifted apart. Can a woman not have a new relationship?”

Her husband of 23 years claims to have noticed his wife changing around march, calling it a midlife crisis.

“She was wearing more makeup and dresses which she’d never done before. It just wasn’t her. She was going out all the time with friends and was always on her phone,” he said. “She has strange friends on Facebook, men from Africa and Asia.”


So what prompted this hasty decision? READ AHEAD to find out