All faiths have their fascinating details. Have you ever read Revelations and what the Christians really mean by “The Rapture.” Somewhere between the Good Book and the bully pulpit, things really got misconstrued. It happens all the time. People place an agenda behind the unknown so as to scare the clueless into conforming. But that doesn’t mean the concepts are wrong. Perhaps they’re just applied incorrectly.

We’ve Seen Other Mummified Monks Before



But This One May Be Different



Recently, the mummified body of a monk was unearthed in Mongolia. He was found in a meditative lotus position in Songino Khairkhan province. Now, back in the day, the Egyptians used to preserve their nobility via mummification. A few herbs and spices. Some ancient science. An onion or two, and you could keep a corpse looking fairly decent for decades.

Sure, He Looks Dead



The Buddhists used a different method. Some camel skin, a few cultural secrets, and again, one cured person. The reason so many are fascinated by this discovery is not the nearly new look of the 200 year old body. No, some are saying that this monk is not dead. In fact, they believe something completely different.

But Some Say He’s Just ‘Meditating’



Science Has Stepped In To See What’s Going On



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