This chick claims to be black. But one look at her and it’s plain to see she is Caucasian. Apparently the little wannabe queen even went so far as to change her birthday. Why,you ask?

You see she went on what we assume to be even though when she said it it sure did sound an awful lot like “” but that’s a conversation for another day.


Either way, Vicky is wil’n. Whose daughter is this and why does she need such negative attention?

Ohhh Okay, Now We Understand…NOT

Is this chick trippin’ how much did she take because shawty is straight up out of her mind. Don’t ya think?


Oh But Don’t Worry, She Made It Out…πŸ™„

But did she bring her woes tho? Does she have any left actin’ like that?

If for some reason you want more of this problem child’s disrespectful antics just PRESS PLAY on the video below.

Just be prepared. When you think it cannot get any worse. When you really think she has done the most- there is always more.

WOAHHVICKY is just about as EXTRA as it gets.


Hey! Good news guys and gals! She knows she ain’t right. The bad news? She has to offend others to get that point across…SMH

When will she wake up?

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