Another day…another celebrity checks themselves into rehab. It is such a given in the world of celebrity that it’s almost part of the whole fame game. It goes a little something like this – rise to prominence, relax in the limelight for a while, find your career fading, start acting out, do something stupid, enter rehab, get that much desired second chance from the fanbase.

Rehab Is For Anyone Who Is Suffering



It’s all part of one big push for forgiveness, and publicity, and it usually works. The public forgives, the reinvention works, and the former famous face gets their spot on the red carpet back  – or at least one near the place they usually spoke to the media from.

Celebrities Seem To Enter It Regularly



For Selena Gomez, however, rehab isn’t about drugs or bad behavior. The singer, whose career has been in high gear ever since her start on the kid’s show Barney and Friends, has been battling lupus. She also told fans that she has been dealing with intense mental health issues, including “anxiety, panic attacks and depression.”

Selena Gomez Checked Herself In Recently



This was back on August 30, and it caused her to cancel the remaining dates on her recent world tour in support of her album Revival. This isn’t her first trip into treatment. In 2014, after being diagnosed with the chronic autoimmune disease, she entered a facility to help with her health. This time around, friends and family are providing support.

She Is Battling Mental Health Issues And Is Seeking Help


She Has The Full Support Of Her Family



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