Meet Khoudia Diop, the latest runway sensation who is turning heads in every corner of the map. The dark chocolate skinned beauty was noticed by photographers and designers when she posed for the “Coloured Girl Campaign” a project made to celebrate the diversity and beauty of varying complexions within the black community.

The the stunning Senegalese model hit the ground running and has yet to stop, climbing her way of the high fashion food chain. It is no surprise to see her deep melanin enriched skin making headlines, gracing covers, and breaking the internet. This woman is not only a rare beauty, but her personality glitters as much as the golden highlight on her chiseled, yet refined and feminine cheek-bones.

If you have to see it to believe it, then look no further and scroll thru a few of this Goddess’ pics!

Have You Ever Seen Such Melanin Rich Skin In Your Life?!



Not Only Is This Queen’s Skin Pristine…




But Her Smile SLAYS!




And She Has The Most Captivating Gaze!


Here, She Poses In The Infamous Shoot That Got Her Noticed…



And This Is The Kind Of Work That Will Keep Her Name In Lights!


When Two Worlds Collide, Learn About The Flip Side of the Industry For Dark Skinned Beauties