Jamaica’s, Usain Bolt is no longer the island’s one star when it comes to sprinting. Although he may hold a few record breaking titles, this 12-year-old girl  is giving him a serious run for his money, literally.
Posting a brand new record time for girls, Jamaica’s Brianna Lyston is being compared to the likes of her predecessor, Bolt.Rumor has it, Bolt actually became a prominent force in the track and field game at the very same event that Lyston did.

Meet Brianna Lyston

After posting record breaking time, Lyston has been thrusted into the spotlight.

Shes A Natural

This 12-year-old girl is dedicated to her sport but her mother boasted that Brianna has been sprinting as such, since she was just 5 years of age!


It’s Safe To Say Brianna Has ‘Got The Juice’

Lyston finished an incredible 0.88 seconds ahead of her nearest rival Oneika McAnnuff to win the 200m final.

Here’s To This Young Athlete Exceeding Limits!

…and chasing her dreams to become an Olympic Gold Medalist.


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