Matt Damon joined Jimmy Kimmel for an all too entertaining sit down covering everything from his eccentric and well-rounded upbringing to being a father to his now 18 year-old daughter. The actor dished about a memorable moment from his baby girl’s tenth birthday where he and his wife took her to see pop icon, Prince.

Damon said that they were given the royal treatment and blessed by Prince’s team with a spot right up next to the stage. After enjoying this legendary show Damon spoke with the king of keepin’ it real. He asked him where his home base was. He wanted to know where he rested, when he wasn’t on tour and Prince answered in nothing less than EPIC fashion.

The star was always unapologetically himself and his hilarious yet sort of inspiring response to Damon’s seeminly simple question is one for the books! Check out the video below to see just what he had to say about where he stayed!

He Always Knew Just What To Say

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Prince Was As ‘Woke’ As It Gets!


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