The Matrix Trilogy will forever go down in history as one of the best sci-fi action/ thrillers to ever grace big screens. Just the suggestion of the premise for the trilogy which racked numbers in theaters like no other, was enough to intrigue audiences from practically ever corner of the world.

Now, there is rumor that a Matrix-like film is in the works Ok, so that clear it up. It may not be an extension of the O.G. Matrix but with a star role like Badgal Riri, we are nonetheless intrigued.

The Queen Has Arrived

Get ready.She slayed her role in Bates Motel and left us begging for more.


Original Matrix Or Not…

Rihanna is said to the the star of this Japanese spin-off which is also rumored to involve Michael B. Jordan.

The film is being produced by Zak Penn,the same guy that brought The Avengers to screens.

Penn Says That This Film Is To Take Place In The Same World As The Matrix

Yet, is not linked to the first three films.

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