She could turn the world on with her smile. She could take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile. From the moment her perky persona hit the early ’60s airwaves, she was an icon, the TV version of Camelot’s Jackie, complete with a fun flip hairdo and evepresent Capri pants.

She Represented The ’60s Ideal Of Wife



Now, the world has lost one of the most remarkable and talented actresses ever to grace the small screen. Mary Tyler Moore, who became a benchmark for women’s rights and the burgeoning single life of the ’70s female, has passed. She was 80. Apparently, a recent bout of illness took a turn for the worse, with family being called by her bedside prior to her death.

She And Dick Van Dyke Were The Classic Comedy Couple

Dick Van Dyke Show


Born in Brooklyn, New York as the oldest of three kids, Moore got her start as a dancer, working in commercials after her family moved to L.A. After several small, supporting roles in various TV projects (Richard Diamond, Private Detective, Johnny Staccato) she landed her big break when Carl Reiner was looking for someone to play the wife of his sitcom alter ego, Rob Petrie, as played by Dick Van Dyke. For her work as Laura, she would earn an Emmy Award.

In The ’70s, Her Sitcom Showcased A Single Woman Making Her Way In The World



But it was with her eponymous series, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, that she went from name to superstar. The winner of a staggering 29 Emmys, it would hold that record for more than two decades, until Fraiser won it’s 30th.

She Became A Television Heavyweight In The Process



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