What’s the very first thing you do when you get something new? You want to try it out, right?


When you were a kid, you would rush outside on Christmas morning to try and ride your new bike in the cold and snow. Even now as an adult when you get that fresh phone or tablet upgrade, the first thing you want to do is fire it up before it’s fully charged so you can see what the latest tech companies have to offer.



Michael Bigogno is no different.


When his girlfriend gave him a brand-new skateboard as a present, he immediately wanted to take it for a spin around the neighborhood.


Neither Michael or his girlfriend had any idea that quick ride around the block would end with Michael being rushed to the hospital.



During the ride, Michael took a sharp turn and fell off his board. His head slammed against the pavement, causing what doctors would determine to be an acute subdural hematoma.


The hospital medical staff placed Michael into a medically induced coma with the goal of relieving the swelling in his brain, but doctors told his friends and family that Michael only had a 10-percent chance of survival.


Michael had other plans.

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