Ohhh the diet and exercise struggle is all too real. Let’s be real, there is no shortage of people who have found themselves yo-yo(ing) on this new quick-fix, fat-melting miracle diet of the week or over-exercising just to fit into that dress even though it’s been known for a whole year that the wedding was next week.

But no one like to diet. No one like to be told what they can and cannot eat.

Unless of course, the diet involves pizza. Right?!

Most folks would be thrilled to hear that a year of nothin’ but Domino’s slices could get them the body they desire.

Actually, this is pretty much what dreams are made of.


After eating a whole Dominos pizza every day for a year, Brian Northup has not only lost weight but gained muscle and confidence at that!

SourceAccording to Brian, you don’t have to give up the good stuff in order to reach your body goals. It may seem crazy but the prove is in the pudge…

Or shall we say, lack thereof. This guy is really lookin’ good!

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