Do you remember when you were a little kid and you would tell your mom your tummy hurt? What was one of her questions in her arsenal of motherly knowledge?

It was always, “Did you go potty?”

There’s a very important reason why she asked you this.

Your excrement is what is left behind after your body digests and processes the nutrients from your food.

In simpler terms, it’s the bad stuff that your body doesn’t need and can’t break down any further.

So when you leave this “bad stuff” in your system, it starts to affect your organs negatively.

Fiber Is Nature’s Way Of Helping You Go

This is a very serious message to every human being on the planet, unfortunately, it’s going to get super graphic: it is extremely important to go No. 2 at the very minimum three or four times a week.

Ideally, gastroenterologists agree defecating daily is optimal for total body health and function, but there are so many factors that can change your regularity, that G.I. docs around the world would agree going four times a week is better than none.

Stomach Cramping/Pain Is A Side Effect Of Constipation

This is a painful and unfortunate lesson one Chinese man recently learned.

Warning: Graphic Content! Flip to Page 2 to see what was removed from this man’s body…