Well, chances are if you have made it this far , then you know ll about the birds and the bees. Whew, it’s a good thing because that is definitely not a truth that can be explained in a timely manner and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Sex is sex. It’s biology. You know how it works. Doing “it” can be fun, exciting, kinky, playful , pleasurable and last but not least, purposeful.

Besides the fact that intercourse feels great and that making love is a bonding experience like no other , the deed if completed properly can lead to….you will never guess, wait for it…OFFSPRING! 

So Here You Are With The Love of Your Life And A Baby On The Way…


Yes, kids this is where babies come from. If you do in fact, begin planning a family and find yourself expecting a little prince or princess on the way, first and foremost a congratulations will be in order.

Second, you might find yourself wondering what comes next?  Not like, how do you change a diaper on an hour’s rest or swaddle your little princess.  We’re talking  more intimate matters.

Just Kidding, Your Life Has Only Just Begun!


But What Does This Mean For Your Bedroom Rendezvous?


Will It Play Out Like It Does In Mainstream Comedies?


Say It Isn’t So…


Don’t Sweat It.  There Is Good News For You On Page 2!