It’s one of the oldest forms of entertainment. At one time, it dominated the cultural conversation, massive playhouses in huge cities housing these experts in prestidigitation for long engagements and an eager ticket buying public. With the advent of movies and television, critics complained that some of the mystery was lost, and yet magicians flourished in the variety element of these new mediums. By the time they became household names, figures like David Copperfield and Doug Henning were merely the Harry Houdini and Harry Blackstone of their generations. No matter the technology, magicians can still wow a crowd when they want to.

Below you will see several ways these individuals fool us, using standard ideas to bring about eye-popping surprise. As you can see, many of these techniques are as old as the discipline itself. Magicians have been sawing people in half and using complex apparatus to “trick” the eye into thinking it is seeing something strange. Call it smoke and mirrors or a basic misdirection, but in the end, you’ll get the same thing – wide-eyed wonder from your crowd and a decided desire to learn how it’s done. Here’s some examples.

One Way To Saw A Girl In Half – Use TWO


Another Version Sees The Assistant Contort To Avoid The Saw


She’s Floating – With The Help Of A Prearranged Metal Bar


She’s Floating – With The Help Of A Well Positioned Post


He’s Floating – With The Help Of A Complex Metal “Seat”


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