Meet Paida Mutupo, a young woman who is making headlines and sitting in first place at the top of newsfeeds with her incredibly inspirational story. Not only does this young mother shed a ray of light upon a subject that is very dim, but she also serves as a role model for so many men and women, both young and old.

At just 20 years-old, Paida has managed to overcome an array of physical and mental speed bumps and is now sharing her moving story with the world!

Paida Mutupo Grew Up With Her Mother, Mavis in Zimbabwe


At The Age Of Nine, Paida Fell Seriously Ill…


Paida’s Mother,Mavis Soon Learned That She And Her Daughter Were Both HIV Positive


Crushed By The Diagnosis, Mavis Waited Two Years To Tell Her Daughter The News


Paida Felt Very Alone And Even Toyed With The Idea If Taking Her Own Life


She Was Ridiculed And Bullied At School


But With Time She Gained The Confidence To Be Honest And Open With Herself And Her Peers!


So Confident In Fact, That She Is Sharing Her Story On Facebook And Snapchat!

Paida has found beauty where you might least expect it and is doing her part to let it be known that living with HIV is very much a possibility. Perhaps, the most wonderful miracle to to manifest from Paida’s journey is her little boy Kai. Paida came to learn that she was expecting at the age of 20 and was overwhelmed with emotions. Naturally, this news was thrilling, as Paida never thought she would be afforded the gift of having children. However, her joy could not exist without fear. Paida worried about the all too real potential of passing the virus to her child.

So how does an HIV positive expecting mother avoid sharing the virus with her baby? Find out what miracles of modern medicine can make this possible!