What should have been a joyous moment to go down in the books as one of his best, quickly spiraled into a moment may very well Regret ( with a capital R.) Mohammad Anas a Ghanaian player for the State Stars team, was graciously accepting his well-deserved Man Of The Match award when his kind words turned into a public relations disaster and well,. a potential life-changer for the futbol star. But how could one ruin such a good thing with a simple slip of the tongue…well, it’s easier than you might think.

It Feels Good To Win, REALLY GOOD


Accepting An Award Makes Even The Most Famous A Little Nervous

It’s safe to say this kid is a pro, but as for Anas…he might need to brush up on his public speaking skills.

If there is anything to be learned from this guy’s mistake it’s that honesty is always the best policy. He slipped up major. That sad thing is, his response–heightened by adrenaline, seemed genuine and from the heart. On the other there is one HUGE contradiction in his thankful acceptance speech…

FIND OUT the where this baller lost at the game of love up NEXT!