Some people just have…it. The knack. The skill. The talent or ability. Give them a garden and their green thumb turns it into a blossoming beauty. Place a crying child with them and suddenly the baby is back in its mother’s safe and secure arms. From a penchant to pick up a pen and draw almost anything to someone who can strut into the kitchen and concoct a gourmet feast, these inherent traits can’t be taught or learned. You have to be born with them.

It’s A Dying Art In Its Native India



Some Snake Charmers Still Exist, However



This may explain little Kajol Khan. The eight-year-old loves hanging out with her “friends.” She lives, sleeps, eats, and plays with six cobras. She even stopped associating with kids her age to be with her scaly pals. When asked to explain her preference for the poisonous serpents, her answer was simple: “I didn’t like the company of humans in the school so stopped going there five years ago.”

There Are A Few Young People Who Enjoy The Practice



In India, such a situation is not unusual. In fact, Kajol’s dad is a snake handler and just like a certain Australian girl and her Crocodile Hunter father, she wants to follow in his footsteps. Yes, she’s been bitten by her buddies on a couple of occasions, but that doesn’t matter. Kajol has an inherent ability to “charm” these beasts, and they respond in kind.

Kajol Khan Is One Of Them



She’s A Natural Born Cobra Whisperer



Is This Even Safe? Continue On To Find Out