The cheerleader. Bane of every high school nerd. Goal of every high school jock. From the short skirt and “pom poms” to the splits and kicks, they’re like sex disguised as sports, a little tantalizing T&A before all the X’s and O’s hit the field. Back in the day, they were rah-rah decorations. Today, they’re borderline strippers without the pole, sideline distractions that claim more attention than actual cheers.

When You Think Of Cheerleaders, Maybe You Think Of This…


Or This…



As they dance along, outfits so skimpy they need sheer undergarments to avoid wardrobe malfunctions, you can see where the social struggle starts. They want to be called athletes, or part of the team. You just want to call them late at night when the urges begin. They want respect. You want the digits.

This Is Cheerleading Today



From the earliest days when they were “helping” the home team, they have become a calendar marketable commodity, and as long as guys are thinking with something other than their brain, they will stay that way. Just look at these ladies from Lithuania. If being suggestive where a crime, we’d have a group of lifers here. There’s a greatest hit video as part of this story and it sure does a good job of selling what they’re offering.

So Is This…



And Especially This…



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